Why work from home?

Personally I love working from home, no stressful commute to work in the mornings. A few minutes between appointments and once I’ve done “salon stuff” I can get some house work done, multi tasking at its best!

Working from home.

But, it’s no good if your not a self motivated person. If jobs don’t get completed, there’s no one else you can blame, you need to be able to kick your own arse and be self critical in a positive way.

Some of the benefits of working from home:

  • Its flexible as can you work appointments around you and your family’s schedules. This flexibility is also be an advantage to clients. I have started if need be at 7am and finished at 10pm, something that wouldn’t really be practical in a shop.
  • Filling a niche….some people don’t feel comfortable going to a high street salon, but love somewhere quieter, and less obvious.
  • Less overheads, so you can start slow and steady with just a handful of clients and working a few hours if that suits you.
  • A relatively low start up cost. With the right basics you can then build on improving your space as you earn.
  • No time spent getting to and from work and no petrol costs, bus fare etc.
  • Easier child care. I’m not suggesting you can work without a babysitter when they are little. Once mine where about 8,10,12 I could successfully work a few hours in the holidays, without childcare. ( maybe with them gagged to prevent arguingšŸ˜Š)
  • You do the job on your own terms. ( I’ve hated working for other people and being made to conform to doing a less than perfect treatment just to fit in with their timings and cost cutting)
  • It’s sociable, most clients are lovely and I look forward to seeing them.

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