Finding Clients

Having done your training and transformed your space, it can be a bit of a shock that clients aren’t beating your door down (or perhaps that was just me!) Generating clients is like a full time job in the beginning, don’t be disappointed or disheartened, keep plugging away at it, they WILL find you eventually. Just bare in mind that certain marketing will work better or worse for you depending on a lot of variables.

The type of treatments you offer, the type of client you want to find, what area of the country you live, whether you’re in an urban or city area and even the around you all make a difference. You will need to experiment and find what works well for you and your home business. I have done all of the following at different times over the last 12 years, some have worked well, others not so well and have actually wasted my time and money. But all are worth a try, experiment and find what works for you.


Digital and Online Marketing

Local Marketing

  • Local magazine
  • Local shops,  church, Village hall
  • Leaflet drops
  • Charity/Gift vouchers
  • Word of mouth

Marketing and advertising is evolving and changing all the time. Read anything you can find online or from library books. Even information aimed at big businesses can give you little ideas that you can adapt to be useful for your micro business. Find what works for you and refine and repeat it. Good luck 😊


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