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Set up an account and list your business on Google Maps. It feel’s so good to see your name “up there in lights”! Add information about the business, with descriptions and photo’s to help potential customers see what you are offering. Ask clients to give you reviews on Google maps, this is vital, so don’t be shy (use friends you have practiced on while training if it’s still early days for you). Most of my new clients see the lovely reviews I have on Google maps and this is what gets them to my door. It helps build trust before I’ve even met these new people. I also¬†had a local Google Trusted Photographer, come and take a video and static photos of my entrance and room. These are somehow (magic ūüėä?) put onto Google maps, meaning that you can walk “virtually” into my home and look around my salon, without leaving your house. How clever is that! Its fantastic for clients to be able to have a sneaky snoop before they book in.

Google Maps

You can link this to a Google + account in your business name and you then post on it just like Facebook (use the same post that you use on Facebook, but make it longer and try to add in extra keywords relevant to you). Make connections with other people, businesses and interact on other people’s posts. It can feel like a¬† bit of a faff setting it up, but don’t ignore this one. Even if no one you know uses it, Google see’s the interaction and interest, this all helps you climb up search engine listings. Take a look at my google + page¬†TheHomeSalonSpecialist.


AdWords is Googles¬† “cost per click” online paid advertising. I’m not a expert and it takes a lot of trial and error to find what wording catches people’s attention . Be very careful to set how much you want to spend a day, as each time a person clicks on your advert you will get charged a specific amount depending on how popular that keyword is on search engines. It’s worth an experiment, plus look out for free offers as sometimes Google sends out voucher codes for businesses to try AdWords to see if it works for them. I know an acupuncturist that seemed to make this work well for her, gaining quite a few new customers this way.



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