Free Ads + Tripadvisor

These are free advertising sites, which are all over the World Wide Web. They ultimate¬†would like you to pay for your business to be listed with them, but this is not usually necessary as they tempt you in with a basic free listing to start off with. Just always make sure you check the terms and conditions and don’t add any bank details, so you don’t get caught out and end up paying for something you didn’t expect too. A good plan is to keep a note somewhere of where you have opened an account and listed yourself. Unfortunately this isn’t something that I did, so I had to go back and find them again a few months later (keep updating them every so often to keep the traffic moving and update any changes). I’m sure there’s a few floating about that I haven’t seen for years!

Free websites

Add information about your business, put in as much detail as possible (opening times, what treatments you offer, contact details). Use attractive photos with links to your website, plus any social media pages that you are on. Remember this is your virtual “shop window”, the first place that people will come into contact with you. So make it as inviting as you can and be proud!

This can take quite a bit of time and effort, but remember once you’ve got one done, you’ll have a bit of a template to copy and paste on to other ones. The effort is to direct traffic across the web, you probably won’t get any physical clients from from doing this, but it’s the it’s the interaction between different social media and your website that helps to increase the activity. Lots of links, interaction and interest are what you are aiming for to help your website move up on the search engine ranking.

Generating business

I’ve added Tripadvisor in this group, even though its a bit different, it’s set up in a similar way. Its free to list yourself on, but I find I do get the occasional living breathing client finds me through Tripadvisor as its so popular for checking out local businesses. Because of this encourage any existing clients to give you a review on there, this builds trust and interaction with potential new customers. Go find those free ads and don’t be afraid to sing your own praises!

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