Your local community

Why not take a look in your local community to see where you could place small adverts or just a business card. Although its an “old school” way of marketing its worth a try as its so cheap and easy to do. There are plenty of online website where you can design your own business cards and posters, then have them printed relatively easily and cheaply. Make sure they look professional, as they are the beginning of your brand. Although your a home salon, they don’t want to look home made! Once you’ve got your fabulous new paperwork go everywhere you can think of locally and get them put up. In shops, on pin boards, the church, schools, village halls, the library, doctors surgery, anywhere that will have you frankly! Obviously ask permission and you may have to pay a small amount, but you’ll be surprised how helpful people often are.

Poster or Business Card

They will get to see your posters/business cards in these busy locations and the information will log in the back of their brain somewhere. People are generally nosy and interested (in a good way) and it all goes to help your brand recognition. Next time they see one of your cards or speak to somebody that’s had a treatment from you or need the treatment you provide, it’ll hopefully fire off in their brain and you’ll be remembered. Go on, get people talking.

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