About me

I’m “The Home Salon Specialist” and I just love my little home based salon. It’s meant I can bring up my family, pay the bills, all while doing something I’m passionate about. Being good at the treatments you provide is not enough for a micro business. You need to be a therapist, accounts manager, cleaner, marketing expert and receptionist all at the same time. With my blog I hope to pass on my own experiences, sharing advice that I’ve gathered from multiple sources, from my partner and from other generous business owners over the years.

Me in my home salon

When first starting my home salon 12 years ago it took a very long time to become established (9 years to become full time and give up my other part time jobs). With a combination of being naive business-wise, un-confident, with no financial backing, no IT skills and a young family to help support and bring up, it was all rather tricky. Eventually I got there. My children all in their late teens, I was working more than full time, running a home (with a partner who works away) and trying to make time for my family.


Unfortunately I’d been steadily getting more and more run down and after many tests, was diagnosed as having CFS/ME last year. Having hit rock bottom, I re-evaluated my life and made a lot of lifestyle changes (I’m lucky to have a very supportive family and partner who helped me). I personally love reading blogs, they can be so inspirational and comforting. So I came up with the idea of starting my own blog, about something I’m obsessed with and I feel I know a lot about. Its a way to use my creativity, while sitting down more and hopefully help other people too! A win win situation for everyone.

I’d been encouraging and sharing my tips and experiences with a few clients in my home salon. Having faced the same problems, worries and problems of working from home, this blog won’t have all the answers, but enough to get you well on your way. If you can use my information, avoid similar pitfalls and get earning money quicker than I did, I’ll be chuffed to bits for you.